Are You Frustrated, Overwhelmed And Confused
About Marketing Your Business?

Let’s face it...every day you’re bombarded with ideas, strategies, and cutting-edge trends from all of the leading business gurus. Plus, your audience demands that you provide them with cutting edge solutions to keep up with their needs...but how do you know what to do first? Twitter? Facebook? Blogging? Joint Ventures...Teleseminars... Newsletters...Websites...Public Speaking...Article Marketing...the list could go on for DAYS!

And yes, it’s all necessary...however, it doesn’t all have to happen RIGHT NOW.

If you find yourself overwhelmed, pulling your hair out and wanting to crawl under the bed, or worse yet, give it all up...don’t worry. This is perfectly natural.

You’re not a failure.
You don’t stink at this.
You just need a little help.

The One Step Forward To Success
Inner Circle


If you’ve ever considered giving up on your business out of frustration, gotten distracted and lost your way, or lost your momentum because of procrastination, then this program is designed specifically for YOU.

The One Step Forward To Success Inner Circle was created to help you move forward with your business, one simple step at a time, while also providing you with the support and accountability you NEED to stay motivated and on-track.

Your business can be so much easier.

Studies have shown that 94% of people who start big projects without the proper support quit or fail before they come to completion.


So if managing your business and creating a winning marketing strategy seems WAY HARDER than it should, that’s because you just don’t have the support you need.

Don't be one of the 94% who fail without proper training and support! Get the best support and business training available through a weekly action plan to help you stay focused, move forward with purpose and direction, and get great results!

And you WILL...once you join the One Step Forward To Success Inner Circle.

Here's what you get...

In depth proven workbooks, audio trainings, video trainings & other resources covering the key areas of business success, to easily achieve your business goals.
The individual hand holding, support and encouragement you need to complete the modules and move forward.

Specific guidance for your business with your own individual support from a coach.

A huge library of in-depth training that you would pay thousands for in another program.

6 training calls in a safe, supportive and collaborative environment.

And much, much more...

You don’t have to do it alone anymore.

Surely, steadily and consistently, you’ll be taking solid steps forward, with me by your side and an entire community of like-minded entrepreneurs at your back, keeping you motivated and on-target. Each step is simple and manageable, but within 6 months you’ll have more clients, more income, more recognition and a much bigger list.

And within a year. . .

Imagine what your business will look like at the end of 6 months when you have completed the key areas of success
moving your business forward. . .

With ZERO frustration or worry, you will:

  • Establish your winning social networking strategy...
  • Develop attention-getting special offers and free gifts...
  • Clearly identify your specific target market...
  • Set up passive list growers that work while you sleep...
  • Create unique, evergreen products and services...
  • Develop a distinct and endearing, identifiable brand...
  • Create a manageable, progressive marketing calendar...
  • And much more...

Take a Sneak Peek at a Few of the Modules

  • Build your confidence, overcome your fears, believe in your value
  • Predict, plan and create your exact desired income
  • Determine your target market and niche
  • Identify your brand
  • Creating a compelling introduction (elevator speech)
  • Identify your target market's greatest needs
  • Create free and paid products and services
  • Create your special offer
  • Build your website, a way to collect names, and a way to take money
  • Grow your list
  • Create a client enrolling offer
  • Build your funnel
  • Create content on a regular basis
  • Write compelling promotional copy
  • Create a consistent communication plan
  • Create consistent income in your business

What is the investment?

This program took more than 150 development hours to complete.  At a conservative $100 per hour, you have access to more than $15,000 of training with proven, tried and true methodologies, available for pennies on the dollar.

All together and sold separately...6 Months of Coaching, Community, Accountability, Insider Access and Exclusive Materials...
this package is worth significantly more than $15,000...but as a member of the inner circle, you won't pay even close to that amount!

Registration Levels One Step Forward
Inner Circle
Custom Prescription Program - Deatiled assessment with assigned training modules covering up to 15 key areas of success see below
More than 40 detailed training modules (with worksheets, audios and videos) to fill your custom prescription $15,000
Private account for weekly check in & accountability
($199 per month value)
6 In-Depth Training Calls ($99 month) $ 594
BONUS:  6 monthly mastermind calls ($2,000)


BONUS:  6 one-on-one coaching calls ($1,200)


BONUS:  2 additional months in the program ($400)

$ 400

Total Value   $20,000+

6 payments of $499 (2,994)

6 payments of $399 ($2,394)

or 1 payment of


This is your light in the storm.

End your confusion, get clear on your steps, and watch your business results skyrocket.

Sign up TODAY and let us support you.

Is your business worth it?  You bet it is!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to take it to the next level and get the support, accountability and community you need to build the business you’ve always dreamed of.

YES, Kim! I'm ready to boldly move my business forward with the support of the One Step Forward To Success Inner Circle. 

Plus I'm protected by your risk-free guarantee.

Instant access for the incredibly affordable investment of:

One Step Forward Inner Circle 3.0 -
           One payment of $1,997.00.
One Step Forward Inner Circle 3.0 Monthly Pay - 6 payments of $299.00


Your payment is processed over our secure servers.

Either way, act NOW before this program fills up...

Register for the One Step Forward To Success Inner Circle TODAY.

To Your Success,

Kim Clausen  

Kim Clausen

P.S. You could continue to go it alone and struggle through each day’s bombardment of suggestions and random strategies, but we both know where that’ll get you. I think you’re ready to take the next step, and embrace the support of your community...

P.P.S. And remember, you also have the option of multiple payments, to make it easy for you to get the support you need.  Select the program that's best for you and get started today.

Either way, act NOW before this deal evaporates...