Six part Audio Training Program: "Top Secrets from the Industry Leaders on How to Conduct Impactful Workshops"
Two hour audio training course: How to effectively market your workshop for maximum attendance and results and learn workshop facilitation essentials.
Special Report: "Keys to Facilitating a Successful Workshop"
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    Discovering Your Leadership Impact

    Audio Training Program

    To see a sample of the audio training program, click here.

    Program Summary

    Great leadership skills can be learned. Throughout this leadership audio series, you will share exactly how your clients and prospects can hone their natural abilities and shape them into effective leadership skills.

    Through the course of this program the information you provide will dramatically affect your listeners’ abilities as a leader. They will learn about themselves, about the act of leadership, and about how to influence others.

    Each lesson builds on the one before, and throughout each of the lessons your listeners will identify how their inherent qualities as a person define their impact as a leader.

    In these 6 short scripted audios that you record in your own voice and send to your clients and prospects, they will explore:

    • the core values that they bring to leadership.
    • the convictions that drive their leadership style
    • where and how they step into the role of leader, and where and how they respond to other leaders
    • leadership mastery, and the positive leadership qualities that will get them there.
    • behind the shadows of the behaviors that lead to leadership failures.
    • leadership role models for inspiration and ideas that will make them a model leader in their own life.

    The audio titles are:

    Audio 1 - Clear Values Make for Clear Leadership

    Audio 2 - The Convictions that Drive Your Leadership Style

    Audio 3 - Your Leadership in Everyday Life

    Audio 4 - Leadership Mastery: Positive Leadership Qualities

    Audio 5 - Leadership Shadows: Behaviors That Lead to Frequent Leadership Failure

    Audio 6 - Leadership Role Models

    Audio Training programs are a powerful tool for delivering value, and keeping in touch with your clients and prospects.

    Profile of a Leader is a six-part audio series designed to help your clients and prospects understand and hone their natural leadership abilities to become a more impactful and effective leader in every area of their life.


    To see a sample of the audio training program, click here.